Come in; Be among Us

A flock of pigeons in flight, seen from below, against the background of a pale blue sky.

[Worship leader]: To all who are yearning for community,
[One section of sanctuary]: Come in.
[Another section of sanctuary]: Be among us.

To all who are just getting started,
To all who long to go deeper,
To all with tender places needing care,
   Come in.
      Be among us.

To the ones who have healed and have care to give,
For those who are curious and hungry to learn,
For those who know that they have something to teach,
   Come in.
      Be among us.

For the ones who are just beginning to suspect they might nurture others’ becoming,
To the young and the old, the innocent and the jaded, the fresh of mind and the deeply-steeped,
There is room here for each and every one.
   Come in.
      Be among us.