Regathering Conversations

First published June 11, 2021

Trying to figure out how to talk about wearing masks in church? Here are some examples!

Comic showing how consent around masking might happen

Consent: Mask Edition

Person #1: I'm fully vaccinated and comfortable taking off my mask - how do you feel?

Person #2: Honestly, I'm not comfortable yet. I'm vaccinated and probably safe. But,

Person #2: I don't want to risk long COVID or infecting others more at risk.

Person #1: OK, masks on then! It's great to see you in person!

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Comic showing why to wear masks in church

Why Wear Masks in Church?

Masks in Church?

Person #1: We're both vaccinated, why are we still wearing masks in church?

Person #2: Kids under 12 aren't, and even vaccinated people can spread COVID-19. (masked family with children in the background)

Person #2: Plus some folks' bodies don't produce a lot of antibodies even with a vaccine.

Person #2: And breakthrough infections can be really rough, especially for our elders and others at risk.

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