Young Adults (Ages 18-35)

Young Adults sitting in a circle at UBarU during the Meaning Makers Retreat

Navigating adulthood is challenging! Whether you’re finding your first apartment or raising children, starting a new job or exploring a committed relationship, moving far from your childhood home or figuring out life as an adult in your community, Unitarian Universalism has tools for the journey. In congregations, in young adult groups and campus ministries, in virtual communities and at camps and conferences, Unitarian Universalist young adults are getting spiritually recharged, building relationships and exploring what meaningful adulthood looks like.

Connect & Create

Visit a UU congregation near you; find a campus ministry or young adult group; go to a UU young adult event or training; join a Facebook group for young adults, connect with our Facebook page, blog Blue BoatTwitternewsletter or in virtual community with other seekers. Check out these ways to stay connected as an emerging adult (PDF) and these quick tips (PDF) for starting a young adult group. Consider using Becoming Together (PDF) or other small group ministry resources. Get a campus ministry going with these quick tips (PDF) or this handbook (PDF).

Learn & Support

Read up on the Future of Faith, see how the puzzle of young adult ministry pieces together, and see how bridging from youth to young adulthood really works. Young adults need support from folks of all ages in our UU communities, especially during the many transitions of young adult life. Ensure that young adults feel welcome in your community, make sure there is a place for them there, reach out to emerging adults (PDF), find the level of campus ministry (PDF) that works for you and your congregation, give to a specific young adult ministry project, or support the young adult ministry work of our denomination.

Ministering well to young adults is a crucial and sometimes challenging aspect of good multigenerational ministry. We need all ages and generations to make our congregations thrive!


When Unitarian Universalists come together, we can create change, nurture our spirits and learn new things. Our faith offers many opportunities to gather with peers and in multigenerational community.


Through worship, ritual, small group ministry and other practices, Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth and young adults can find support, inspiration and transformation in our communities.


Caring for one another is a core spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists. Offering care to people of all ages and integrating young folks into pastoral care networks is a key piece of this ministry.


Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood is for the times when we need spiritual accompaniment. Whether in solitary reflection or group worship, this little book is here to be companion, guide, and hard surface to lean or dance on.